Hayley Hutchinson's new album 'Ghosts In The Trees' out now on CD and download

Ghosts In The Trees

Hello out there,

Just taking time to let you know that Hayley Hutchinson's new album 'Ghosts In The Trees' is out now on CD and as a download from this shop right here. We've already had lots of preorders for the album and want to thank everyone for purchasing a copy and they're in the post right now so should be with you soon.

Check out the brand new Hayley Hutchinson video for 'Midnight Sky' right here

In other Desert Mine Music news, we're just sorting out putting the Crimefighters Soundtrack that Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest created up here as a digital download. If all goes well, it should be up within a month.

And still to come, the first in a series of Desert Mine Music compilations, Desert Mine Rocks: Volume 1.

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