The Sorry Kisses / Mark Wynn - Social Situations

Social Situations

The Sorry Kisses / Mark Wynn

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The Sorry Kisses / Mark Wynn - Social Situations

'Social Situations' is an album split between The Sorry Kisses and Mark Wynn. Both of each artist's sides of the album will be available separately as digital downloads.

The Sorry Kisses' contribution is their fourth release on Desert Mine Music, following 2011's 'Keep Smiling', and features their trademark fuzz-wrapped guitars, double-tracked vocals and, this time, a more relaxed Lemonheads-esque sound. The core duo of Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest recorded the songs in their own home studio, the Factory Of Unprofessional Sound, in November 2012.

Mark Wynn is a recent addition to the Desert Mine roster, and 2012 saw him release no less than four albums in this time. His side of 'Social Situations' features twelve songs packed in under twenty minutes, and illustrates Wynn's knack of blending despair, humour and kitchen-sink realism in a new-found lo-fi acoustic punk setting.

The project came together after a chance meeting on Hallowe'en 2012 in their shared hometown of York, when both parties realised their fear of social situations and decided to pour their combined insecurities into creating this limited edition vinyl release on Desert Mine Music.



12" Vinyl Album (DMM017)
  1. The North West
  2. Give It Back
  3. Smokescreen
  4. My Own Best Friend
  5. The Man Who Wanted It All
  6. Social Situations
  7. I'm Cold (And So I Am)
  8. Cat Smack Baby
  9. Bukowski
  10. Football Love Song (Oh Deary Me)
  11. I Am John 2
  12. Halloween Song
  13. Old Ladies
  14. I'm Lou Reed x 6
  15. James Bond Song
  16. I Don't Like It
  17. Shopping Trolley
  18. Dog Song