Dany Slak - Rods


Dany Slak

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Dany Slak - Rods

Debut album from Toronto based singer-songwriter visionary Dany Slak. Encompassing ten songs, 'Rods' provides a template for all future poets and songstrels with its concise yet cutting fusion of acoustic excellence and melodic greatness.


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  1. Dany Slak - You Or No One
  2. Dany Slak - Flags
  3. Dany Slak - Hold On
  4. Dany Slak - Carla
  5. Dany Slak - Trying To Hit The Horizon
  6. Dany Slak - What Am I To You
  7. Dany Slak - How It Goes
  8. Dany Slak - Sea Shanty
  9. Dany Slak - All Around The World
  10. Dany Slak - Shipwreck