Sam Forrest - Lost in Flight

Lost in Flight

Sam Forrest

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Sam Forrest - Lost in Flight

Lost in Flight is the seventh album by Sam Forrest, the vocalist and guitar player in bands such as Nine Black Alps, Sewage Farm, The Sorry Kisses, and Howling Sludge.

The album is comprised of acoustic tracks recorded at Sam’s home studio in North Yorkshire, UK in 2010.

With influences ranging from the hushed fingerpicking style of Elliott Smith to piano-led torment of Big Star, Lost in Flight is another valuable addition to Sam’s extensive back catalogue and it will be released by Desert Mine on 28 July 2017.



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  1. Sam Forrest - Silhouette
  2. Sam Forrest - Cathy
  3. Sam Forrest - Pale White Morning Light
  4. Sam Forrest - My Own Worst Enemy
  5. Sam Forrest - Lost in Flight
  6. Sam Forrest - Halfway to the Moon
  7. Sam Forrest - Hole in the Ground
  8. Sam Forrest - Please Baby Stay
  9. Sam Forrest - Rings Around the Roses
  10. Sam Forrest - Unglued
  11. Sam Forrest - Sweet Oblivion
  12. Sam Forrest - Over the Mountain
  13. Sam Forrest - Fill Your Head with Dreams