Ralf Knoflook - Jobs ’n Dogs

Jobs ’n Dogs

Ralf Knoflook

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Ralf Knoflook - Jobs ’n Dogs

Jobs 'n Dogs is the debut EP by the Nijmegen-based singer-songwriter, Ralf Knoflook. The six-track EP was recorded by the Dutch musican as a stop-gap between his work with the popular indie rock band, You Should Get To Know Us. From the dark acoustic brooding of 'Drop Out' to the windswept harmonium-led 'The Road', this EP showcases another side to Knoflook's work and the songwriter recently completed a successful solo tour of England in early 2019.


  1. Ralf Knoflook - World of Stone
  2. Ralf Knoflook - Day Begins
  3. Ralf Knoflook - Drop Out
  4. Ralf Knoflook - The Road
  5. Ralf Knoflook - Happy
  6. Ralf Knoflook - You Are Killing Me